Godzilla vs. Siren Head in real life

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Actress - lovepitw

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    Actress - instagram.com/lovepitw/ Bonus scene after 09:10, enjoy please Subscribe !

    1. illegallyuser
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      is it real pls tell the truth

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      @Thapa parvin Jo il

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      @Leon’s Worldview وقصص

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      Uh huh

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    i dont want to say this but its dumb

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    Ale sztos

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    ITS Edit

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    Nice edid

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    What the heck

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    Oh my god

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    omg 😭😭

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    Godizila ANAO

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    day la that hay gia nhinxao qua

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    this is so bad its good

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    Dawn give him a Grammy did you see that editing

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    Tbh that was soo good , 👌👌👌

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    Anjay lebay

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    Ka movie 5 ada kartun dok

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    Its real or reel

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    gotzilla vs sireh head

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    Không thể tin lổi

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    Real Or not real

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    It's not a real so funny why are they run Or is that movie

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    This probably took lots of time to just animate Godzilla and Siren Head into real life.

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    Godzilla: atomic breath nuclear radiation 500 ft tall iguana Sirenhead: Yes

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    cool i like it alot

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    Asli kah

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    Apa nyata atao tidak

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    Merinding aku😨😨😨

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    That a fake monster are a real is it real i don't see that before that is super scary; to go somewhere and high don't be scared don't care about that when i'm going to be there don't talk about it it's super super scary and scared i see that in the youtube channel who are you that monster superstar is that a fake monster

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    😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 my god oh my god

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    Destroy da beacht

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    Bang mungkin godzilla itu periharaan bang waktu kecil

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    Bang kok Abang buka wea waktu ada siren head

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    Bang kok silfia ngikutin abang

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    Is it true

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    Esta chido

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    Pow HRfire aí n né olha o vídeo que mim recomenda

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    Good boys

  54. Michael Alves
    Michael Alves
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    The size difference between these two is absurd some of the shortest Godzillas are 50 meters tall, siren head is 40 FEET tall not meters Godzilla would really step on him

    1. helem torres miralrio
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      That guy. forgot to put the guy in it

    2. helem torres miralrio
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      So true im a godzilla expert I think that dosent even know what godzilla is

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    tidak bagus

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    nice cgi, mustve spent a lot working on it

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    godzillafinalwars vs siren head using his sirens to warn people

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    isso foi real

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    Que bien yo le hoy al godzilla

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    How to make shoot video

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    es Real

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    Nice vizual effects

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    What do e

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    Fail video😠

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    This is so Cringe

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    What is a siren head

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    Que fumaban los chinos para hacer semejantes babosadas jajajajajaja

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    Mi mente:wey va ganar godsila

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    cuando no tienes dinero para ir a ver la pelicula de Kong vs godzilla xD

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    And scary for kids

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    Omg this is cool

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    Nobody: Chinese mobile ads: 6:33

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    How is this possible!!

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    I did not like it and other better animators the video did not make sense

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    1:12 xd 🤣🤣

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