MY FAVOURITE FIFA 21 PLAYER! (The Henry Theory #62) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

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    Prije 8 dana

    "1-0 doesn't mean much. "-miniminter. May I just say it doesn't matter unless it's FUT FRIENDLIES

  2. XTR_Phantom
    Prije 16 dana

    Simon u played amazing the video

  3. Simar Chandekar
    Simar Chandekar
    Prije 23 dana

    Just love it how his team name is still Leicester FC

  4. White Drone
    White Drone
    Prije mjesec

    Simon: I’m actually dominating Also Simon: has 39% possession

  5. Greg Hodgins
    Greg Hodgins
    Prije mjesec

    Play 451 it’s a really attacking formation Breaks down scummy teams

  6. Marilyn Grimes
    Marilyn Grimes
    Prije mjesec

    make new video

  7. Radin Gholami
    Radin Gholami
    Prije mjesec

    @MM7Games Do icon player pick pls

  8. Kyle Egginton
    Kyle Egginton
    Prije mjesec

    PES is actually really good it just requires a lot of patience and more realistic features ( just wish the quality was better)

  9. POKO
    Prije mjesec

    PES 18 was actually a banger. But FIFA 18 wasn't that bad either. Even since 2018 tho. Both PES and FIFA have been dogshit

  10. mr_hobo_grampa
    Prije mjesec

    use the moments dybala as a super sub in fut champs he is broken finesse outside the box on his left foot he scores trust me

  11. Man LikeMertzy
    Man LikeMertzy
    Prije mjesec

    Bruno fernandez is lowkey amazing.

  12. Aaron Buckley
    Aaron Buckley
    Prije mjesec

    Should get Toty Davies for mendy

  13. ViralComedy Gaming
    ViralComedy Gaming
    Prije mjesec

    Why wouldn’t Simon sell Kante and use Jones who is like 10x better than Kante 🤬

  14. Tucker Lenron
    Tucker Lenron
    Prije mjesec

    Does Simon always get drunk while recording these?😂😂

  15. gustav hs ft458
    gustav hs ft458
    Prije mjesec

    jones is better than kante

  16. Kelvin Pringle
    Kelvin Pringle
    Prije mjesec

    Please change Raphinha’s kit number

  17. George Stevo
    George Stevo
    Prije mjesec

    curtis jones is better than kante

  18. Oscar -
    Oscar -
    Prije mjesec

    Do another co-op episode!

  19. Jacob Edmondson
    Jacob Edmondson
    Prije mjesec

    Simon get the new Henry for once

  20. Maël Chambon
    Maël Chambon
    Prije mjesec

    How’s he put kante instead of jones Is he farkin crazy

  21. Thomas Dean-Jones
    Thomas Dean-Jones
    Prije mjesec

    When u realise no one on planet earth except Simon still says yeet

  22. ruben martens
    ruben martens
    Prije mjesec

    What formation is your ultra defense? Is it 4-2-3-1 (2) or just changed the positions yourself?

  23. TheGatnep
    Prije mjesec

    ok whos gonna tell him about DDA

  24. Kaelon D
    Kaelon D
    Prije mjesec

    "I'm actually dominating"... *39% possession

  25. Haz Overy
    Haz Overy
    Prije mjesec

    Sell ronaldo, buy prime Henry and play neymar on the left

  26. Sonia Siddique
    Sonia Siddique
    Prije mjesec

    Simon: 45's are a scam EA: Are you taking the piss? We gave you a Zidane and a Van der sar... wth man?

  27. Tyler Good
    Tyler Good
    Prije mjesec

    His raphina is a the bolingoli of miniminters team aka lukaku

  28. albin lundin
    albin lundin
    Prije mjesec

    I think it's time to buy the prime henry. He can afford him if he sells his current henry right

  29. Jack NB
    Jack NB
    Prije mjesec


  30. Hypolion
    Prije mjesec

    i got prime roberto carlos from my prime electrum pack

  31. iG- Darks
    iG- Darks
    Prije mjesec


  32. TwoFaced
    Prije mjesec

    Know this is late but West Brom signed a new rwb and st and cdm idk if you knew this

  33. paradoxgamerHD
    Prije mjesec

    Do u play 4231(2) or 4231 normal

  34. Lol
    Prije mjesec

    Raphina RM, Neymar LM and alex sandro LB sell cr7 and Get prime Henry

  35. Omar Mourad
    Omar Mourad
    Prije mjesec

    What camera does he use on fifa

  36. Ethan Root
    Ethan Root
    Prije mjesec

    Next year raphinha to glory pleaseeee🤣

  37. Adepoju Adeyiga
    Adepoju Adeyiga
    Prije mjesec

    Simon complains but he doesn’t realize his team is better than the rest of the people he plays

  38. Ted Steed
    Ted Steed
    Prije mjesec

    when the player from the previous series is stronger than the one your in

  39. Josh Tansley-Boulton
    Josh Tansley-Boulton
    Prije mjesec

    jones is insane like you need to play him as well as raphina

  40. David Ogunkayode
    David Ogunkayode
    Prije mjesec

    Simon play jumpers for goal post 5 again u ended it on 4 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  41. Jack matthews
    Jack matthews
    Prije mjesec

    Caputo is from Orange is the new black, not prison break.

  42. Joshua Geddes
    Joshua Geddes
    Prije mjesec

    you play the worst people in champs

  43. Knut Winther-sørensen
    Knut Winther-sørensen
    Prije mjesec

    Can you do more icon packs

  44. Chris RSN: Popc
    Chris RSN: Popc
    Prije mjesec

    Caputo is from OITNB not prispn break ;P

  45. anthony clarke
    anthony clarke
    Prije mjesec

    Great vid bro keep up the good content

  46. That Leeds Fan
    That Leeds Fan
    Prije mjesec


  47. Fuad Akinwunmi
    Fuad Akinwunmi
    Prije mjesec

    83 84 85 86

  48. Conor Gamer51
    Conor Gamer51
    Prije mjesec

    15:20 haha

  49. Jamierm dm
    Jamierm dm
    Prije mjesec

    Please put chem styles on players

  50. Parva__
    Prije mjesec

    Jones are actually good, pros use Jones more than Kante

  51. Le_fluff05
    Prije mjesec

    Raphina is on fraud watch

  52. lavishbaaby1
    Prije mjesec


  53. Dominic Timmins
    Dominic Timmins
    Prije mjesec

    Bring Talia onto the Henry Theory

  54. G S
    G S
    Prije mjesec

    Raphinha played with Bruno at Sporting Lisbon

  55. Charlie Ball
    Charlie Ball
    Prije mjesec

    Simon how do you feel you might get taken over by a little child tommyinnit

  56. Rio Roy
    Rio Roy
    Prije mjesec

    Day 1 of reminding Simon to change the club name

  57. raza ali
    raza ali
    Prije mjesec

    i was thinking that this serise was made after henry

  58. sahilpreet singh
    sahilpreet singh
    Prije mjesec

    It’s funny how you can predict everything your opponents going to do because all people think about is meta

  59. sahilpreet singh
    sahilpreet singh
    Prije mjesec

    If someone plays possession i almost feel like I’m playing squad battles because that’s how the ai plays

  60. Josh Chadwick-Williams
    Josh Chadwick-Williams
    Prije mjesec

    Use Curtis Jones he is so good

  61. Nathan Hayne
    Nathan Hayne
    Prije mjesec

    Bro put some chem styles on your players fgs

  62. Vanessa Matthews
    Vanessa Matthews
    Prije mjesec

    I packed van Der sat 91 out of the mid or prime icon pack and I put my best pack all year into it vvd 90

  63. chris egan
    chris egan
    Prije mjesec

    Pretty g series tbh if I must say myself

  64. Nozinator _
    Nozinator _
    Prije mjesec

    remember Henry goal counted as a pack

  65. Logun Singh
    Logun Singh
    Prije mjesec

    I am doing a team around messi as he is my favourite and he is the goat so has anyone got any good names to call my team? I was thinking messi massacre? I dont wether it's good but yeh

  66. JackH1234567890
    Prije mjesec

    do one on king cantona on fifa 22 simon

  67. Ian Williz
    Ian Williz
    Prije mjesec

    He can have any lb and still chooses mendy😂

  68. Steve Spink
    Steve Spink
    Prije mjesec

    He does a whole theory on Henry and he’s one of the worst players in his squad

  69. Alfie Powell
    Alfie Powell
    Prije mjesec

    This series fell off hard man, I don’t even blame Simon it’s just fifa this year. Worst one yet.

  70. Farzana Khan
    Farzana Khan
    Prije mjesec

    Are you a leicster supporter

  71. Inside & Outside Football H Hogarth
    Inside & Outside Football H Hogarth
    Prije mjesec

    I got nesta 93 in a 25 k pack

  72. Alvin Granlund 9 röd
    Alvin Granlund 9 röd
    Prije mjesec

    Play Hernandez LB 87 headliner!!!!

  73. Kayode oladipo
    Kayode oladipo
    Prije mjesec

    i love it how he getting other cards but he forgets to buy prime henry

  74. K B
    K B
    Prije mjesec

    simon next year you should the wright way ian wright series like so he can see

  75. Lewis _off1cal
    Lewis _off1cal
    Prije mjesec

    Come like thiery Henry

  76. a-reZ
    Prije mjesec

    time for prime Henry?

  77. Sevket Kumcuoglu
    Sevket Kumcuoglu
    Prije mjesec

    Toty ramos > prime Ferdinand

  78. Its WarnerYT
    Its WarnerYT
    Prije mjesec

    Simon u have forgotten the series were if Henry scores u open a pack 😂

  79. Luan Gashi
    Luan Gashi
    Prije mjesec

    How does he still not have prime Henry

  80. Luke Fielding
    Luke Fielding
    Prije mjesec

    Caputo from Prison Break? Your'e thinking of Orange Is The New Black lad

  81. isaam alam
    isaam alam
    Prije mjesec

    Simon should get davies in lb his in game stats are leng

  82. Ryan Davies
    Ryan Davies
    Prije mjesec

    His Favourite player till TOTS Bamford

  83. SmithDec13
    Prije mjesec

    Play Henry at striker in game he works a lot better

  84. Lesedi Mochadibane
    Lesedi Mochadibane
    Prije mjesec

    Hey Mate, I'm from South Africa and supported Kaizer Chiefs since I was a child. Nice to see you using their logo

  85. Lazer.kai17
    Prije mjesec

    Can you do a series of Eto’o next year

  86. Simon Minter best
    Simon Minter best
    Prije mjesec

    He needs to play dybala over penandes because raphina gets strong link to Carlos Alberto 👍

  87. Ewan Grieve
    Ewan Grieve
    Prije mjesec

    It’s not that deep missing it.

  88. Arnel-Junior Abejar
    Arnel-Junior Abejar
    Prije mjesec

    You should bring on Dybala more, he did well. Bring him on if you're losing by a lot.

  89. Nathan Mora
    Nathan Mora
    Prije mjesec

    Simon why don’t you upgrade your defenders your front players are good just the defenders

  90. Josh5409
    Prije mjesec

    Jones is a beast

  91. gus abelman
    gus abelman
    Prije mjesec

    Raphina theory

  92. P Rich
    P Rich
    Prije mjesec

    Simon u should change it to raphina to glory

  93. Oliver John SCHLIEBS
    Oliver John SCHLIEBS
    Prije mjesec

    did anyone else see this video coming out when Raphina got that card

  94. qwerty uiop
    qwerty uiop
    Prije mjesec

    why doesnt he play jones he is beast

  95. Phrxsh
    Prije mjesec

    who is caputo in prison break?

    Prije mjesec

    Any school or college students watching here ❤️❤️❤️

  97. yorke augustine
    yorke augustine
    Prije mjesec

    Kante out. Jones in🔥

  98. TZ TØMÎ
    Prije mjesec

    episode 62 and still no prime Henry. that's why I stopped watching after 30 episodes cause this always happens

  99. Hala Madrid
    Hala Madrid
    Prije mjesec

    Daglish is better than Normal Ronaldo

  100. hussin rabe
    hussin rabe
    Prije mjesec

    Make a vid with aj3