Shaqtin' A Fool: Upset and Angry Edition

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Funniest Upset and Angry Edition in Shaqtin A Fool.

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  1. Marcos Reid
    Marcos Reid
    Prije 48 minuta

    The uneven may modestly pick because pumpkin conclusively damage apropos a productive lunge. expensive, alluring blouse

  2. thanmay r
    thanmay r
    Prije sat

    The lean buffer scilly wait because ink actually destroy upon a momentous dressing. complex, concerned table

  3. kingofedsSRL
    Prije 5 sati

    "Wear surgical masks to the game" hits a little different these days

  4. Brotha Neo - C.R.S.A Channel
    Brotha Neo - C.R.S.A Channel
    Prije 8 sati

    If you didn't laugh AT LEAST 1 time at SOMETHING in this video, then SOMETHING is wrong with YOU lol! Very good video.

  5. Joseph Cornelio Fantilagan
    Joseph Cornelio Fantilagan
    Prije 15 sati

    Shaq the Champion..

  6. whatsuppp 209
    whatsuppp 209
    Prije 16 sati

    11:50 throwing up gangsign hahah

  7. StonedDaily__
    Prije 16 sati

    I’ve never seen an athlete as hurt as Rubio was 🤣😭🥺

    Prije 21 sat

    The wakeful height notably shiver because shade natively puncture outside a accidental fender. one, salty angora

  9. Madlyn Latrina
    Madlyn Latrina
    Prije 23 sati

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  10. Donald Anderson
    Donald Anderson
    Prije dan

    Purple shirt guy 😂

  11. Artem Maximov
    Artem Maximov
    Prije dan

    The hapless tortoise broadly spill because rooster broadly slap save a hideous high cow. amuck, sticky banjo

  12. Horatien Blanc
    Horatien Blanc
    Prije dan

    Oh man I needed this

  13. Frank Yung
    Frank Yung
    Prije dan

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  14. Hoda Salameh
    Hoda Salameh
    Prije dan

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  15. Sushi Japan and Sun R
    Sushi Japan and Sun R
    Prije dan

    Love those lol

  16. masum md
    masum md
    Prije dan

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  17. Ced Burner
    Ced Burner
    Prije dan

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  18. Den Lazar
    Den Lazar
    Prije dan

    At 1:09 it's Delonte West when he was playing for Dallas Mavericks '11-'12. Now he's a 37 years old homeless junkie who looks like 70 years old, so sad... :[ I just saw that Mark Cuban paid for drug rehabilitation treatment and provided West a hotel room to stay in, a life restart indeed for West!

  19. David Do
    David Do
    Prije dan

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  20. Maghen Y Chen
    Maghen Y Chen
    Prije dan

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  21. Maghen Y Chen
    Maghen Y Chen
    Prije dan

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  22. Banjo J
    Banjo J
    Prije dan

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    Prije 2 dana

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  24. Saira Dominguez
    Saira Dominguez
    Prije 2 dana

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  25. Walter Mendez
    Walter Mendez
    Prije 2 dana

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    qujhumo lesehke
    Prije 2 dana

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  27. william bratcher
    william bratcher
    Prije 2 dana

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  28. Francoise Trembley
    Francoise Trembley
    Prije 2 dana

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  29. Izzy
    Prije 2 dana

    6:34 Bro was saucy at that flamingo

  30. Dennis Ivanoff
    Dennis Ivanoff
    Prije 3 dana

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  31. Christy Black
    Christy Black
    Prije 3 dana

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  32. Mark M
    Mark M
    Prije 3 dana

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  33. Cha Da Thích
    Cha Da Thích
    Prije 3 dana

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  34. danei cekaa
    danei cekaa
    Prije 3 dana

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    jung lee
    Prije 3 dana

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  36. Desailu Meraca
    Desailu Meraca
    Prije 3 dana

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  37. Joshua Romero
    Joshua Romero
    Prije 3 dana

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    Adam Mokdad
    Prije 3 dana

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  39. Zemlak Gertrude
    Zemlak Gertrude
    Prije 3 dana

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  40. FLEXEDUP !
    Prije 3 dana

    Deandre petty as hell for tryna hammer fist dude

  41. Rep 604
    Rep 604
    Prije 3 dana

    8:12 got me 😂… when excitement turns to disappointment in a hurry.

  42. kojay18
    Prije 3 dana

    Players today are like spoiled little kids

  43. Dario Francolino
    Dario Francolino
    Prije 3 dana

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  44. Huang Jack
    Huang Jack
    Prije 3 dana

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  45. Monshur Aliyana
    Monshur Aliyana
    Prije 3 dana

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  46. rimeo pagei
    rimeo pagei
    Prije 3 dana

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  47. Malina Bewas
    Malina Bewas
    Prije 3 dana

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  48. олег дима
    олег дима
    Prije 3 dana

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  49. Darren Cicala
    Darren Cicala
    Prije 3 dana

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  50. Hypno_BPM
    Prije 4 dana

    1:10 he says “bitch ass white boy” , like dude ain’t white himself lmao. unfortunately with some of these, you can see a lot of racist hostility in these clips when it involves a black player and white player. you can just see it.

  51. Ced Burner
    Ced Burner
    Prije 4 dana

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  52. Christianslays
    Prije 4 dana

    This isn’t the fanduel we all expected. Lol because he dueled the fan but they were near draft kings chairs and fanduel and draft kings are both apps that you pick the outcomes and win money well actually I think it’s where you enter a fantasy draft in the app with other players to compete for money in draft kings but fanduel is where you pick outcomes

  53. Jahangir Alam
    Jahangir Alam
    Prije 4 dana

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  54. Colin Cheng
    Colin Cheng
    Prije 4 dana

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  55. Ryann Aceves
    Ryann Aceves
    Prije 4 dana

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  56. Jonas Meffert
    Jonas Meffert
    Prije 4 dana

    11.14 they see it coming

  57. No_Philter_
    Prije 4 dana

    @11:12 .... 2020: yes

  58. Dan Nu
    Dan Nu
    Prije 4 dana

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  59. Elias Pujol
    Elias Pujol
    Prije 4 dana

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    JACOB Ethan
    Prije 4 dana

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  61. Jenny Grapert
    Jenny Grapert
    Prije 4 dana

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  62. Why Bee McNoMistake
    Why Bee McNoMistake
    Prije 4 dana

    Man, that T on #15 Boogie's reaction killed me 🤣🤣. "He that commits a fault thinks everyone speaks of it" totally incarnated 😁

  63. skdjh kwejrhwe
    skdjh kwejrhwe
    Prije 4 dana

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    Dan Nu
    Prije 4 dana

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    Huang Jack
    Prije 4 dana

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    Nona Nona
    Prije 4 dana

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    bi choco
    Prije 4 dana

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    zhao wenhao
    Prije 4 dana

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    nh se
    Prije 4 dana

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    XIn Zion
    Prije 5 dana

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  71. Michael Morris
    Michael Morris
    Prije 5 dana

    Bogut is so trash lmao

  72. Billy Montrel
    Billy Montrel
    Prije 5 dana

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  73. Nick Rue
    Nick Rue
    Prije 5 dana

    Did y’all see the coach’s face when the lady said that ? Coach was like damn 😂

  74. Brian Gonzales
    Brian Gonzales
    Prije 5 dana

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  75. AnnaMaria Ledermann
    AnnaMaria Ledermann
    Prije 5 dana

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  76. TheJumpman006
    Prije 5 dana

    Stab Van Gundy a whole bxtch for ignoring Reggie

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    Christel Eboni
    Prije 5 dana

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    Jryfch Jeydch
    Prije 5 dana

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  79. Alejandro Echeverría
    Alejandro Echeverría
    Prije 5 dana

    🤣🤣🤣😅 Cousin is the best

  80. William Gray
    William Gray
    Prije 5 dana

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    Silviasa Thomaser
    Prije 5 dana

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    Asa Barr
    Prije 5 dana

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    Avraham Austynn
    Prije 5 dana

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    david do
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    Jacky Mai
    Prije 6 dana

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    Prije 6 dana

    Rondo so stupid LOL

  87. James Frichner
    James Frichner
    Prije 6 dana

    Doncic trying not to laugh as he walks off the court lmao

  88. Dawn Nona
    Dawn Nona
    Prije 6 dana

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    Qiu Lei
    Prije 6 dana

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  90. T Sulli
    T Sulli
    Prije 6 dana

    You should get sued for using Shaqs name like this

  91. Safa Kabir
    Safa Kabir
    Prije 6 dana

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    drtyusa iojkleet
    Prije 6 dana

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  93. Ansel Harwood-Moses
    Ansel Harwood-Moses
    Prije 6 dana

    The behind the back no-look mouth guard toss knocking the phone out of guys hand by Morris is amazing

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    Monique Jordan
    Prije 6 dana

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  95. Fullmetal Gamer
    Fullmetal Gamer
    Prije 6 dana

    "Just suck it up, Lebron!"

  96. Edith Gaytan
    Edith Gaytan
    Prije 6 dana

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